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Next100 is a different kind of think tank for a new generation of policy leaders.

Today’s advocates are the most diverse, engaged, and progressive in history. Whether organizing online, protesting in the streets, or running for office, they are joining together and demanding change on the issues central to their lives and our collective future, from immigration to education, racial justice to climate change.

That’s where Next100 comes in. Next100 is a different kind of think tank, built for a new generation of policy leaders, working on the issues that matter most to them and their communities. We invite you to join us. 

Whether you’re a DACA recipient who’s been working as an activist, a policy wonk with some research experience under your belt, an organizer fresh off a campaign, or a high school teacher with ideas about how to make education better for everyone, we want you to be part of not just developing policy ideas, but working with communities and partners to translate those ideas into action.

As one of our Next100 Policy Entrepreneurs, you’ll join our team in New York City for two years. You’ll have a full-time job, with comprehensive benefits, working on driving policy change in New York City, New York State, and/or at the national level. We’ll provide mentoring, professional support, opportunities for travel and networking, and policy training to help you drive policy change, hand-in-hand with communities and partners.

Apply by May 31 to be part of a one-of-a-kind, dynamic, collaborative, and inclusive public policy think tank.



You belong at Next100 if…


You are impatient about creating a stronger, more progressive, and more inclusive society. You believe in the power of policy ideas to create that society more quickly. You also believe in the power of people, and know impacted individuals and communities must be at the table to drive better public policy.


You have a public policy problem you want to solve. You are determined to develop solutions, not just research problems. You are excited to more deeply understand the root causes of this problem, conduct original research in this area, and develop creative policy solutions—some of which may happen tomorrow, others down the line. We’re looking for Policy Entrepreneurs interested in education, criminal justice, immigration, climate change, and/or national service (e.g., AmeriCorps) and public service, but are open to compelling cases for working on other issues.


You are a thinker and a doer. You are a rigorous thinker, committed to using policy levers to create a more progressive and fair society. You also know there’s more to creating change than writing a report, and you are committed to doing whatever it takes to make change and build a nimble organization that is focused on impact. You’ve thought about how to harness different ways of communicating to engage with and mobilize communities.


You’re a nerd, of sorts. You enjoy throwing yourself into researching a problem, understanding its ins and outs, and considering multiple perspectives. You enjoy thinking creatively and practically about solutions, and discussing them with colleagues and friends. You are excited about doing this every day.


You know no one makes change alone. You are ready, willing and excited to work with, learn from and support others—both within Next100 and beyond—to make policy progress. You know that supporting your colleagues will make your and their work stronger, and forging partnerships is key to building power and driving change.


You want to grow. You know we all have ways in which we can grow, and we all grow more quickly with a little support. You are excited to spend time developing concrete skills and knowledge, and to support your peers in their development. You like the idea of learning with and from colleagues who have had different life experiences. You also like the idea of testing your policy ideas with other policy experts in your field.


You’re scrappy. You’re a self-starter. You’re a team player. You are excited to join and build a small, highly motivated, and creative team. You see problems and you solve them. You see questions and you dive into them. You like a balance of working individually and collectively, and know that collective work means sometimes prioritizing support of others in their work. You want to have the autonomy to focus on what matters, while being accountable for results.


You truly, deeply believe that diversity of all kinds—of life experience, of background, of skills, of knowledge—makes us stronger. You want to build an inclusive organization that lives that value. We are explicitly interested in varying backgrounds and levels of professional and life experience. You may have politics or policy experience, organizing or direct service experience—or you may not. You may have had personal experience with the challenge you want to solve—or you may not. But, you must care passionately about this challenge, and even more passionately about developing rigorous and relevant policy solutions to address it.

What People Have to Say About Next100

“As a scholar-activist, being at Next100 has been tremendous,” said Next100 Policy Entrepreneur Phela Townsend. “It gave me the space to not only think about the problems that today’s workers face, but to bring to bear the research and perspectives of those on the ground who are developing solutions. Our work at Next100 is about centering the needs and voices of those who are most often left out of the progressive policy change process, but whose involvement in driving real systemic change is essential. Next100 has taught me that effective policy is proximate policy—policy that centers the lived experiences of those most impacted by the issues.”

“I got into politics because of policy—the power of policy to make real, meaningful change,” said Michael Tubbs, former mayor of Stockton, CA, and special adviser for economic mobility and opportunity for governor Gavin Newsom. “But too often, we just debate the same old ideas. We need more bold, progressive ideas, driven by the communities impacted by policy. Next100 is helping to fill this gap, uplifting new, bold progressive thinkers who do the work in new ways, inspiring all of us to aim higher and push harder for lasting change.”

“In less than two years, Next100 is putting real policy wins on the board that are making people’s lives better” said Max Lubin, CEO of Rise, a nonprofit advocacy organization focused on college affordability and youth civic participation. “This isn’t just an organization that is publishing traditional white papers. Next100 is powered by the next generation of policy entrepreneurs who have redefined what a think tank can and should look like.”


“Next100 is unique in trusting Policy Entrepreneurs with the autonomy to do the work that we find meaningful and necessary for our communities, while also providing the support and the probing to make that work rigorous and valuable,” said Next100 Policy Entrepreneur Rosario Quiroz Villarreal. “The consistent opportunity to discuss, collaborate, and learn from colleagues across issue areas is exactly what’s needed to break down silos, build solidarity, and make policy more inclusive across the board.”


But what will Next100 Policy Entrepreneurs actually do?


You’ll research, develop, and advocate for better public policy: You’ll spend two years working to better understand and fix a public policy problem in an area of your choosing, including:

  • identifying original research questions and conducting rigorous and relevant research;
  • developing new policy ideas and analyzing existing ideas;
  • working with impacted communities and individuals to prioritize challenges, develop solutions, and evaluate policy; and
  • building partnerships and relationships to strengthen your ideas and drive policy impact.

You’ll build: You’ll be a core member of a startup—a startup that values support and collaboration and getting shit done. You’ll build an inclusive team culture we can be proud of, and systems to make us an effective team. You’ll conduct outreach to allied organizations and policymakers on behalf of our vision, our team, and our ideas. You’ll get your hands dirty in the weeds of a startup, whether that means managing our Twitter handle, helping your colleagues plan events, or writing a newsletter for the team.


You’ll publish: Next100 is not about research for research’s sake. You will publish your research and policy ideas, share them, promote them, advocate for them, and be part of real world campaigns for policy change.


You’ll collaborate: You’ll work closely with your peers, supporting them in conducting their research and problem-solving with them when they hit roadblocks. You’ll work on projects together, across your issue areas. You’ll build relationships with, learn from, and work with partners beyond Next100, because no one makes change alone.


You’ll learn: You’ll leave your two years with new skills, knowledge, and networks you didn’t have coming in. You’ll develop your research, policy, advocacy, and communication skills. You’ll deepen your content knowledge. And you’ll develop relationships with advocates, policymakers, and other players in your area.


You’ll get shit done: No, really. You’ll get to be a part of a group of badass policy leaders on a mission to change the world. At the end of two years, you’ll look back and know you’ve made a difference.


Oh, and the details: You’ll work in New York City, with your cohort. You’ll have a full-time job, with comprehensive benefits (including health and disability insurance, vision and dental coverage, gym and phone reimbursement, and more), for two years (September 2021-August 2023). The salary range for Policy Entrepreneurs will be $65,000-$85,000/year.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Next100 is committed to building an organization, supporting leaders, and developing policies that seek and embrace diversity, foster an environment of inclusion, and enhance equity. We believe that differences in backgrounds, in experiences, in perspectives, and in identities lead to stronger organizations, stronger teams, and stronger, more effective policy ideas. We value diversity across multiple dimensions, including but not limited to race, color, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious belief, disability status, and age.



Is this a full-time job?

It sure is—for two years. Next100 Policy Entrepreneurs will be full-time employees based out of our New York City office. They will receive salaries in the range of $65,000-$85,000/year, and comprehensive benefits (including health and disability insurance, vision and dental coverage, gym and phone reimbursement, and more), from September 2021-August 2023. Please note that applicants must be authorized to work in the United States for the full term of the Policy Entrepreneur position.


Where will I be based?

Next100 is based in New York City and Policy Entrepreneurs will work out of our New York City office. We are committed to recruiting candidates from across the country and will provide reasonable relocation assistance for those who need it.


How much experience do I need to be a Policy Entrepreneur? Is there a minimum educational level required?

We are looking for applicants who have relevant experience (lived, professional, and/or academic) with a specific public policy issue. We don’t have a cutoff for minimum experience, but we are looking for candidates with some work experience under their belt. We do not have any specific educational requirements for this position.


What’s the application deadline and process?

In terms of applying—the sooner the better, but definitely before May 31! We will be reviewing applications on an ongoing basis, and will interview finalists and make final decisions in July. All applicants will hear back from us by the end of July.


I’m still a little confused by what the Policy Entrepreneurs actually do—can you share more?

Absolutely! The Policy Entrepreneurs drive their own agendas and projects—with lots of support—so what you might do will be different from what our first cohort did. That being said, looking at what they’ve produced might be helpful. To pick just a handful of examples, they’ve worked with impacted communities to produce original research, put up murals and leveraged their unveilings to educate communities and push for policy change, done more traditional analysis of existing policies and made related recommendations, commissioned original polling, and advocated to Congress.


What if my issue area isn’t one of the ones you listed? What if I want to focus on making policy change in a place that isn’t New York City, New York State, or the United States as a whole?

If you believe you have a compelling idea for making change, please apply! We certainly didn’t plan to have someone working on Oklahoma policy, but Isabel Coronado, one of our current Policy Entrepreneurs, has worked on Oklahoma policy multiple times in addition to her federally focused work. Also, multiple Policy Entrepreneurs have worked across issue areas, incorporating work around expanding economic opportunity, language access, and environmental justice, among other subjects, into their policy and advocacy development and implementation.


How is Next100 funded?

Next100 is powered by The Century Foundation, a 100-year old think tank committed to elevating the best ideas, most diverse perspectives, and policy research with purpose. Additional funding has been generously provided by other institutional and individual funders. You can pledge your support to Next100 here.


I’m not a candidate, but want to get involved. Can I?

Absolutely! Sign up for our email list here, and follow us on Instagram @the_next100 and on Twitter @thenext100 for all the latest news.


Other questions? Reach out to [email protected]

 Information Session

On April 28, we hosted a one-hour information session on Next100 and the experience of being a Next100 Policy Entrepreneur. This session focused on the Policy Entrepreneur experience (e.g, what people learned and accomplished, what it’s like to work at Next100). If you were unable to attend, a recording of the session is here