About the Next100

Next100 Is a Startup Think Tank for and by the Next Generation of Policy Leaders

We are working to change the face and future of progressive policy, and to build a more inclusive, equal, and just America.





Kickstarting the careers of a diverse cohort of policy leaders and investing in their individual and collective capacity to influence policy today and for years to come.


Launching original research and policy recommendations, so that the progressive policy agenda is driven by the perspectives of the next generation, and by those with the most at stake who are too often underrepresented at policymaking tables.


Incubating, piloting, and learning from new approaches to developing the public policy talent pipeline, and public policy development, engagement, and impact, all in the interest of developing new policy leaders who are connected to impacted communities and driving urgently needed policy change.

Meet the Policy Entrepreneurs

Emma Vadehra Education & Early Years

Emma Vadehra is the executive director of Next100. She previously served as chief of staff at the U.S. Department of Education under Secretaries Arne Duncan and John B. King, Jr. and as senior education counsel for the late senator Edward M. Kennedy. She is an education policy wonk, an advocate for progressive policy change, and a believer in the next generation.

Levi Bohanan Education & Early Years

Levi is an advocate for progressive child care policy and high-quality early education. Levi previously served in the Obama administration at the U.S. Department of Education, and has worked in the U.S. House of Representatives and with education nonprofits. At Next100, Levi’s work focuses on expanding access to high-quality child care and early childhood development opportunities.

Portrait of Isabel Coronado. She has straight brown hair, festive earrings, and a red blazer.
Isabel Coronado Criminal Justice

Isabel Coronado is a citizen of the Mvskoke (Creek) Nation. Her clan is the Wind Clan, and her tribal town affiliation is Thlopthlocco Tribal Town. At Next100, Isabel is focused on creating policy aimed at reducing the generational cycle of incarceration in Native communities, after witnessing the effects firsthand.

Roquel Crutcher Education & Early Years

Roquel Crutcher is an advocate and activist for social justice and educational equity. At Next100, Roquel focuses on increasing educational opportunities and postsecondary outcomes for young people in marginalized communities. Roquel has worked at several educational nonprofits as an advocate for educational equity.

Daniel Edelman Changing the Game

Daniel Munczek Edelman is the associate director of strategy and operations at the Next100, a startup think tank for a new generation of policy leaders.

Taif Jany Immigration

Taif Jany is a Policy Entrepreneur at Next100 and a rising immigration reform policy expert. Taif’s journey from Iraq to the United States has helped him understand both the challenges of our current immigration system and the strengths immigrants bring to our communities. At Next100, Taif focuses on developing policies to strengthen our economy through immigrant integration and culturally inclusive communities.

Portrait of Marcela Mulholland. She has a shaved head, tortoise shell glasses, and dangling gold earrings.
Marcela Mulholland Climate

Marcela is a climate activist. After growing up in South Florida and experiencing the impacts of climate change firsthand, Marcela chose to dedicate herself to climate change studies and activism. At Next100, Marcela works on issues related to climate change and the Green New Deal.

Portrait of Michael Zaki Smith, he has closely cut hair, and a short beard.
Michael “Zaki” Smith Criminal Justice

Michael “Zaki” Smith is an entrepreneur and activist with more than fifteen years of experience in youth empowerment and social justice. At Next100, his work focuses on dismantling the collateral consequences of incarceration, policies that have impacted him personally as a formerly incarcerated individual.

Portrait of Phela Townsend, she has a very curly bob and a grey blazer.
Phela Townsend Economic Opportunity

Phela Townsend is scholar-activist on a mission to transform how we think about—and value—labor and work in our society. At Next100, her work examines how today’s workers and labor organizations are using digital tools to rebuild worker power in the twenty-first century. Phela is also a PhD candidate at the Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations.

Portrait of Rosario Villarreal, she has straight black hair, tortoise shell glasses, and a wide smile.
Rosario Quiroz Villarreal Education & Early Years

Rosario Quiroz Villarreal is an advocate for immigrants and students. Growing up as an undocumented immigrant, Rosario understood that her parents made sacrifices in moving to a new country in order to secure better opportunities for the future. At Next100, Rosario focuses on protecting the rights and access to education of immigrant students, creating more culturally inclusive classrooms, and interrupting the school-to-prison pipeline.

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