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Next100 is committed to protecting our environment and our future. We are focused on researching, developing, and advocating for policy solutions that combat climate change, bolster inclusive economic opportunity, and center the experiences of those most impacted by the climate crisis.

Why We Need a Green New Deal for Public Housing

By centering equity, directly addressing the needs of working-class communities, and moving us closer to urgent emissions reduction goals, the Green New Deal for Public Housing shows that intersectional climate solutions are the future of climate policy.

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Who's Working on It

Portrait of Marcela Mulholland. She has a shaved head, tortoise shell glasses, and dangling gold earrings.
Marcela Mulholland Climate

Marcela is a climate activist. After growing up in South Florida and experiencing the impacts of climate change firsthand, Marcela chose to dedicate herself to climate change studies and activism. At Next100, Marcela works on issues related to climate change and the Green New Deal.

Diana Martinez Quintana Immigration

Diana is an immigrant rights and climate justice advocate, and a first-generation college graduate. At Next100, Diana worked to enhance our immigration system to recognize climate migrants so that climate-displaced people have a pathway to relocate in a safe and dignified way. Diana draws on her experience as an undocumented youth in the Dream Act movement, where she first became politically active.

kier blake Climate + Education

kier blake is a second-generation Jamaican organizer who is dedicated to disrupting the status quo in climate education. At Next100, kier will work to expand access to interdisciplinary, justice-centered climate education in New York’s K–12 schools. kier’s approach is informed by the lack of climate education they received learning in Los Angeles and while working in New York City schools, despite living in a community disproportionately impacted by climate change.

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Air conditioning units are seen on the exterior of apartment buildings as temperatures continue to soar on July 14, 2022 in Madrid, Spain. Europe is currently experiencing the most sustained period of extreme hot weather in 50 years.
A climate change concept graphic that includes symbols of recycling, lightbulbs, and a floating earth.
A concept graphic that compiles various aspects and consequences of global warming.
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