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Next100 believes AmeriCorps and other national service programs make substantial contributions to strengthening and supporting communities, but could be improved to better advance equity and create paths into public service. We are focused on researching, developing, and advocating for policy solutions that improve equity in service policy, through both improving diversity, equity, and inclusion among corps members and AmeriCorps programs, as well as by ensuring people in the communities served by national service programs are centered in policy and program decisions.


image source: Virginia State Parks/Americorp/Flickr

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Robert Godfried National Service

Robert Godfried is an advocate for creating public service opportunities that are accessible to all. At Next100, Robert focuses on increasing equity and inclusion in AmeriCorps and public service more broadly at the federal, state, and local levels. He previously worked in tenant organizing as an AmeriCorps member, as a field organizer for Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign, and as an associate for a progressive political digital marketing firm.

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