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Building a Better Policy Sector

At Next100, we believe in the power of policy to improve people’s lives. And we believe in the power of real people, and the diversity of experiences and perspectives they bring, to make policy better. We are working to strengthen the policy leadership pipeline and pilot new approaches to support emerging policy leaders and drive policy impact.

Changing the Face and Future of Progressive Policy

Policymaking should be driven by those with the most at stake in our policy decisions. Next100 is trying to make that happen.

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Who's Working on It

Francisco Miguel Araiza Building A Better Policy Sector

Francisco Miguel Araiza is the deputy executive director of Next100. He has spent his career leveraging research and data to advocate for more inclusive, just, and equitable public policies. His passion for public policy stems from his first-hand experience of social inequities as a low-income and undocumented youth.

Emma Vadehra Education + Early Years

Emma Vadehra is the executive director of Next100. She previously served as chief of staff at the U.S. Department of Education under Secretaries Arne Duncan and John B. King, Jr. and as senior education counsel for the late senator Edward M. Kennedy. She is an education policy wonk, an advocate for progressive policy change, and a believer in the next generation.

Daniel Edelman Building A Better Policy Sector

Daniel Munczek Edelman is the associate director of strategy and operations at Next100, a startup think tank for a new generation of policy leaders.

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