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Roquel Crutcher Writes Piece on Public Charter School Alumni’s Experiences

If charter schools want their next 30 years to be better than their last, they must ensure that their alumni help chart their path forward.

Next100 policy entrepreneur Roquel Crutcher wrote a piece for Chalkbeat on her work to survey public charter school alumni about their experiences with diversity, discipline, and other topics. Roquel writes:

“For three decades, parents, educators, school administrators, and policymakers have driven conversations that shaped everything from whether charters should exist to how charters discipline their students. But rarely have these decisions included the perspectives of those who have been the most impacted by the rise of charters: their students and alumni.”


Read the full piece, “Charter schools turn 30 this year. Here’s what I learned when I asked alumni about their experiences.

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Roquel Crutcher is an advocate and activist for social justice and educational equity. At Next100, Roquel focuses on increasing educational opportunities and postsecondary outcomes for young people in marginalized communities. Roquel has worked at several educational nonprofits as an advocate for educational equity.

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