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Who Is Next100?


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Next100 is committed to developing and implementing internal policies and practices, supporting leaders, and developing, researching and advocating for public policies that cultivate diversity, foster an environment of inclusion, enhance equity, and affirm belonging.

We believe that differences in backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, and identities lead to more effective organizations and teams and are indispensable in our work to achieve the equitable public policies needed to create a more just society. We seek and embrace diversity across multiple dimensions, including but not limited to: race, color, ethnicity,  socioeconomic status, national origin, immigration status, educational attainment, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, religious belief, disability status, and age.

We also believe that lived experience and proximity to policy issues and the communities most impacted by them contribute unique insights and value to our organization and work. We work to empower—in our organization and in our policy work—individuals and communities who are the least likely to be engaged in the public policymaking process and yet the most impacted by public policy choices. As we work to bring voices from historically excluded communities to the policymaking table, we reject the idea that one person can or should be asked to represent their whole demographic group or community, but rather recognize and respect individuals for their own background and experiences.


Racial/Ethnic Identity

Latinx Identity


Highest Level of Education Attained by Parents

LGBTQ+ Identity

We identify as…

First-generation college graduate   New Yorker   Queer   Sister   Brother   Sibling   Mom   Biracial   Colombian-American   Black   Latina   Mexican   Formerly incarcerated   Organizer   Caregiver   Formerly Undocumented   Teacher   Wonk   Daughter of street vendors   Child of immigrants   Member of a mixed-status family   Christian   Jewish   Community builder   Lover of good trouble