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Public Mural Unveiling to #EndPerpetualPunishment

Join Zaki Smith and Next100 at a public mural unveiling to #EndPerpetualPunishment.

Join us at noon on Saturday, August 15th at Atlantic Ave and Perry Pl in Brooklyn to hear from Zaki Smith, local activists, politicians, and the community at the unveiling of the first of a series of murals elevating the challenge of collateral consequences. We will discuss the piece and the challenges it highlights, as well as how we can end the perpetual punishment the formerly incarcerated face.

Rain date: Tuesday, August 18th, 12:00pm.

Speakers will begin at 12:00pm and will include:

  • Zaki Smith, policy entrepreneur, Next100
  • Zellnor Myrie, New York State Senator
  • Eric Adams, Brooklyn Borough President
  • Avery Bizzell, Community Organizer, Community Service Society of New York


The protests for the murder of George Floyd sweeping the country are emphasizing what we have long known: we must overhaul our “justice” system to create a more equitable society. Part of this is giving formerly incarcerated people a fair chance.

Next100’s Michael “Zaki” Smith is one of the 70–100 million individuals in this country with a criminal record. He is using art, advocacy, policy, and community engagement to drive an end to perpetual punishment for incarcerated individuals here in New York State. He is beginning this work in his native Brooklyn, and would love for you to be a part of it.

Future murals will go up in the NYC neighborhoods most impacted by mass incarceration. Through these public art pieces, we will elevate the issue of perpetual punishment and potential policy reforms among impacted individuals and communities, elected officials, and the media. And we will empower these same people and communities to make change by educating them about the policy landscape and engaging them in the policy change process. Watch for more on future #EndPerpetualPunishment events.

You can learn more about the #EndPerpetualPunishment campaign here.

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Portrait of Michael Zaki Smith, he has closely cut hair, and a short beard.
Michael “Zaki” Smith Criminal Justice

Michael “Zaki” Smith is an entrepreneur and activist with more than fifteen years of experience in youth empowerment and social justice. At Next100, his work focuses on dismantling the collateral consequences of incarceration, policies that have impacted him personally as a formerly incarcerated individual.

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