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Taif Jany

Policy Entrepreneur


Economic Opportunity


Baghdad, Iraq

Taif Jany is a policy entrepreneur at Next100, bringing a new perspective to the United States’ immigration conversation. At Next100, Taif leads a cutting-edge research initiative that concentrates on amplifying the contributions of immigrants and international students to communities across the United States. One of Taif’s significant projects is the Keeping Talent in America Act, an original federal policy proposal to attract and retain international students. 

Prior to Next100, Taif was the policy coordinator at the Young Elected Officials Network, where he led nationwide policy initiatives in coordination with 1,400 state and local elected officials. Born and raised in Baghdad, Taif uses his lived experiences as a firsthand witness of the 2003 war on Iraq, a refugee in Syria, and an immigrant in the United States to fuel his passion for justice and building culturally inclusive communities. His work has been published in Business Insider, Newsweek, The Nation, VICE News,  and other publications.

Taif holds a BA in sociology and French from Union College. When he is not working, Taif runs We the Habibis, a personal blog that focuses on bringing people together through food.

Featured Work

Keeping Talent in America

America thrives on the contributions of countless people who were born beyond its borders. It’s time for an unprecedented new program to provide international students with automatic work authorization post-graduation, so that they can stay and continue to give what we need.

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August 26, 2020

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