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Statement from Next100’s Taif Jany on Proposed Department of Homeland Security Rule to Dramatically Limit International Student Visas

Taif Jany, Next100 policy entrepreneur and former international student, released a statement on the proposed Department of Homeland Security rule that would drastically limit how long international students can remain in the U.S., restricting their ability to stay in and contribute to our communities.

In response to the proposed rule officially published today by the Department of Homeland Security that targets international students from 59 countries by limiting their student visas to two years, Taif Jany, a policy entrepreneur on immigration at Next100 and former international student, released the following statement:

“This proposed rule, which especially targets students from African, Asian, and Middle Eastern countries, is not only unnecessary but also inhumane and counterproductive. International students contribute more than $45 billion to our economy each year, enhance the learning and cultural diversity at our higher education institutions, and alleviate crucial talent gaps in the American workforce.

I first arrived in the United States as an international student 12 years ago. As an Iraqi refugee living in Syria, a rule like this would have effectively ended my dreams for a better life. Many international students, particularly those from many of the 59 targeted countries, have incredible talent, skills, and ideas to contribute to communities nationwide. The United States should be trying to retain these talented students, not push them away.”

Read Taif’s proposal for the Keeping Talent in America Act, which would create a new federal policy program to attract and retain international students by creating more pathways to permanent residency.

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Taif Jany is a Policy Entrepreneur at Next100 and a rising immigration reform policy expert. Taif’s journey from Iraq to the United States has helped him understand both the challenges of our current immigration system and the strengths immigrants bring to our communities. At Next100, Taif focuses on developing policies to strengthen our economy through immigrant integration and culturally inclusive communities.

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