Applications now open: Science Policy x Equity Accelerator – Next100
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Applications now open: Science Policy x Equity Accelerator

The Science Policy x Equity (SPxE) accelerator is a virtual, part-time, nine week program that will provide a stipend and additional support to a diverse cohort of individuals to develop, and engage policy makers with, their ideas on health equity or climate change policy.

The field of public policy suffers from a lack of transparency and inclusivity. Crucial policies are too often set by the same few people talking to each other, with limited meaningful opportunities for anyone else to be heard. As a result, public policy fails to reflect the needs or priorities of the vast majority of individuals who are excluded from the policymaking process.

The Day One Project’s “Science Policy x Equity (SPxE)” accelerator is designed to break that cycle. Hosted by the Federation of American Scientists (FAS) and Next100, the SPxE accelerator merges these organizations’ respective missions: to advance science, technology, and innovation to deliver dramatic progress on a broad suite of issues, and to change the face and future of policy and build a more inclusive, just, and democratic America.

The SPxE accelerator will provide training and support to individuals who have compelling ideas for policy change at the federal level but lack opportunities to develop their ideas and speak directly to public officials. Participants will also receive a $1,500 stipend upon successful completion of the program. The SPxE accelerator is a virtual, part-time, nine-week opportunity that will run from February 13 to April 16, 2023. The accelerator is open to anyone who identifies as being from an community underrepresented in public policy (see the application page for more information on eligibility) and has an idea aligned with either of these two themes:

Applications for the SPxE accelerator are NOW OPEN. Learn more about the SPxE accelerator and apply by clicking here.

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Stefan Lallinger Changing the Game

Stefan Lallinger is the executive director of Next100, a think tank that is redefining how policy development is done by putting those closest to and most impacted by policy in […]

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Francisco Miguel Araiza Changing the Game

Francisco Miguel Araiza was the deputy executive director of Next100. He has spent his career leveraging research and data to advocate for more inclusive, just, and equitable public policies. His passion for public policy stems from his first-hand experience of social inequities as a low-income and undocumented youth.

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