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Robert Godfried




National Service


Long Island, NY

Robert Godfried is a policy entrepreneur at Next100 and an advocate for creating public service opportunities that are accessible to all. At Next100, Robert is focused on increasing equity and inclusion in AmeriCorps by ensuring that service opportunities are accessible to low- and moderate-income individuals, regardless of economic circumstances or privilege. He is also working to make federal, state, and local public service more accessible for people from all backgrounds.

Robert previously worked in tenant organizing as an AmeriCorps member, as a field organizer for Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign, and as an associate at a progressive political digital marketing firm. Across these positions, he experienced the benefits and challenges of public service first-hand. Robert hopes that national service can empower individuals to become involved in their communities and help Americans recognize the value of service. Robert Godfried holds a bachelor of arts in sociology from Columbia University.

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