Diana Martinez Quintana – Next100

Diana Martinez Quintana






Kansas City, MO

Diana is a policy entrepreneur at Next100 and an advocate for immigrant rights and climate justice. At Next100, Diana’s work focuses on the intersection between immigration and climate justice. She will be working to improve immigration opportunities for climate-displaced people so they have a pathway to relocate in a safe and dignified way.

Diana comes to Next100 with an extensive community organizing background. She has worked with Living United for Change in Arizona (LUCHA) and Advocates for Immigrant Rights and Reconciliation in Kansas City. Prior to those roles, Diana spent five years working with the Fight for $15, a national movement that calls for a living wage and a union for underpaid workers. She first became politically active in 2010 as an undocumented youth in the Dream Act movement. In 2020, Diana became a first-generation college graduate from Prescott College. She is currently finishing her master’s of business administration in sustainability leadership.