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#FixThe13thNY Campaign Profiled by HudsonValley360

HudsonValley360 shares about the goals of the campaign and what lies ahead.

HudsonValley360 covered the launch of the #FixThe13thNY campaign, which is led by Next100 policy entrepreneur Vidal Guzman. The article covers the campaign’s goals to end forced labor and establish a minimum wage for incarcerated New Yorkers. Vidal says:

“In 2022, there is no excuse that actual slavery-in the form of forced prison labor, at close-to-nothing wages, under inhumane conditions-should be tolerated in the United States. New York lawmakers should affirm that such a practice is indefensible and not welcome in this state.”


Read the full piece, “Campaign launched to raise pay, secure labor rights for prisoners,” here.

About the Author

Vidal Guzman Criminal Justice

Vidal Guzman is a New York City-based community organizer who has worked with the End Qualified Immunity Campaign, Black Lives Matter, and Just Leadership USA. At Next100, Vidal works to end the forced labor of incarcerated people currently allowed under the U.S. Constitution and New York State law, and to improve wages and training opportunities for the incarcerated. Vidal draws on his experience as a formerly incarcerated young person, initially incarcerated at 16, after being tried as an adult.

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